Creating Colour Schemes for Websites

If you’re like me, you may not have the most naturally artistic eye. This can sometimes make web design quite difficult; you’ve put in heaps of work, the site is structured perfectly but you just can’t seem to find colours that work well together. It’s letting your new site down, it’s the difference between an OK website and a great website.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of resources on the web that make picking colours and/or creating a colour scheme really easy. They’ll save you the hours you would have previously spent choosing and testing different colours all the while giving you a fantastic looking website.

The first webpage I’m going to mention is These colours are great if your website has a flat design or if you’re quickly in need of one simple good looking colour, and don’t need to go to the trouble of making a whole colour scheme. We’re using these colours all through our website, you would have already noticed the “Peter River” blue colour which features on most of our pages. Clicking any of those colour boxes on the Flat UI Colours webpage will automatically copy the colour’s hex value to your clipboard, which means you can pop it straight into your sites design. These colours will look good almost all the time.

A similar resource is This one has quite a few more options and is good if you want to spend a bit more time fiddling around to get the look that your after or if you want to build a colour scheme around a particular colour.

Finally, for those of you who need a complete colour scheme, the perfect resource is This is by far the best colour scheme picker that I’ve come across, in terms of ease of use, results and features. It’s up to you how specifically you want to calibrate your scheme. Switch between a monochromatic, adjacent, triad or tetrad scheme. Then move the dots around to the colours you desire and see the resulting scheme automatically appear on the right hand side. Switch to the presets tab to select some predefined options for your colours to get proven results.

There are plenty of other resources out there but these are the three that I have found most useful thus far. Say goodbye to your colour scheme headaches!

Beginning Our SEO Journey

A key part of launching a website for any new business is ensuring that the website is set for SEO success. Especially for a predominately online business, people need to find your website. Ranking highly on search engines is a hugely important factor in being presenting to potential customers when they go searching for the services you offer.

There are already millions of “how to” articles out there when it comes to SEO, many which we have read, and although we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to SEO, I thought there was no need to redundantly add yet another one of those sorts of articles. Instead, I thought it would  be interesting to document our own SEO journey – outlining some of the tasks we’ve carried out and strategies put in place in our attempt to start climbing the rankings in what is a quite competitive market.

We’ve done all the usual stuff to begin with – optimised our content for key words, submitted the site and XML site maps to search engines, listed the business and website on multiple directories etc etc so I won’t dwell too much on those obvious aspects.

Another Web Designer

There are thousands of web designers out there, from large agencies, to small business and freelancers. So how do we expect to rank in such an established and competitive market?

What we decided upon early was that we’d focus in on our location. Ranking for just “web design” or “web design sydney” is not even worth considering — at least not at this stage. Strictly speaking, while there are advantages of working locally, we could actually do work for anybody, anywhere. However, the market for “Northern Beaches Web Design” is far less competitive than the broader terms I mentioned before. While there are still a lot of local web designers, our chances of climbing the rankings and being put in front of legitimate customers is decidedly highly. This is while you’ll notice a focus on the “Northern Beaches” and specific suburbs, particularly on our home page (but at the same time, we also note that we’re able to work broader than this!).

Another decision we made was to target small and local businesses, as a sort of secondary and complimentary focus,. Again, while we’re happy to work with everyone – individuals to large corporations – we figured a good niche to begin with was the small businesses in our area and you’ll see this reflected in our content.

I Hope this Blog Helps!

I’m not going to lie – part of my motivation for adding a blog to the website was to see if it helped with SEO. It’s pretty widely accepted that having fresh content and lots of it is beneficial. This is in addition to the simple importance of having some content to share on social media and what not, which will hopefully begin to drive some more traffic.

While a single post page could begin to rank for a variety of reasons, it will be interesting to see what effect this has on my home page’s ranking. Hopefully a positive one! I’ll be able to include a snapshot of the blog on my home page, which should have a host of benefits if not just beefing it’s content up a bit. When it all comes down to it, my end goal is to have people checking me out on my home page, reading about me and my services and ultimately contacting me about some work. So while it’s great to do a bit of writing and perhaps entertain or inform a few people, the most important thing is that it is increasing my chances of finding customers.

Where We Sit Now

To be perfectly honest – nowhere! UPDATE: After some manual searching, I discovered that we’re actually on page 10 at the moment. Traffic Travis is stilling not giving us a result, but we’ll keep trying, to find out if that tool is going to work or not.

We’re still really early in this journey and obviously can’t expect to be too high yet. We’re using a free tool called Traffic Travis to quickly update our position against a bunch of key words across multiple search engines.

It’s good to see that we’re pretty much number 1 for our business name TC Ink, however this is hardly that helpful because we can’t expect many customers to find us by our business name at this stage. We’re expecting to get a ranking for our focus key words “Northern Beaches Web Design” soon.

What Next?

Aside from continuing to tweak our sites static content to make sure it’s effective as it can be, we’ll start to do some link building and also keep writing this blog. Link building can be a tricky task (generating content such as this will help!) and I’ll be sure to report back on what we’ve done and how we’re tracking.

In the meantime, you can help us out too! If you’ve enjoyed reading this, you can support us by sharing this post using one of the plethora of social media options just below.