Not Doing Simple SEO is Losing You Business Everyday!

Here at TC Ink Web we don’t want you to get lost in the weeds of complicated SEO strategies that cost a lot of money and sometimes seem like they are doing more harm than good.

In saying that, businesses: big and small, who ignore SEO completely, are losing business every day.

We recently did a basic SEO upgrade for a client of ours, a local pest control company. They came to us complaining about not appearing on Google for searches involving their service and the local suburbs around them. A quick check confirmed this to us: they ranked strongly for the suburb they are based in, but poorly for everywhere else. After some quick content optimisations, throwing in some keywords here and there and some other SEO tweaks, we had them ranking on page 1 for multiple nearby suburbs.

Just think about how many people would be searching for pest control in their local suburb everyday who potentially could have seen my client. They have gone from invisible, to right in front of their customers’ faces within minutes.

If you run a small business and haven’t paid any attention to SEO, I have no doubt that we can help you too. We won’t trouble you with lock in, costly, monthly campaigns that just prove fruitless. We’ll give you a good deal on optimising your site and from there you can sit back, relax and watch more enquiries flood in!

We also love working with local businesses – if you are looking for some SEO work on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we’ll meet you face to face to sort out your needs. We’ve done this work for businesses in Brookvale, Dee Why, Mona Vale, Warriewood, Neutral Bay and more and you don’t want to be falling behind them!

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Breaking the Shackles of Cheap, Lock-in Website Providers

There are many companies out there who advertise absurdly cheap websites. Many small businesses find these offers difficult to refuse.

For small, informational projects with not much growth ambition, getting these types of companies to set you up with a cheap site is fine. But what we are seeing is a lot of people who originally choose this option and are now “locked in” to those companies’ systems.

ult-golf-mobileFor our client, Ultimate Golf Asia, this was the case. They identified the fact that their website was not responsive and therefore would get hurt by the updates to Googles ranking algorithm. To solve this, they came to us. We quickly discovered that the company that built their website originally allowed no control over the source code of the website – we couldn’t adjust HTML, CSS – nothing. Instead, they told us that the only way to convert to responsive and make the Ultimate Golf Asia site mobile friendly was to get them to do the work – and provided us with a set cost.

Ultimate Golf were locked in and had no control over their own website. That didn’t sit well with them, so we stepped in. The TC Ink Web team were able to rebuild the Ultimate Golf Asia site, almost exactly as it was before, but in a mobile friendly form. We also built it on our favourite CMS, WordPress, giving Ultimate Golf all the control, flexibility and benefits that come with it. They went from being dictated by their web design company, to having complete control over their site – a complete turnaround, and TC Ink Web did all this for around the same cost as they were going to charge just for the responsive upgrade.

So if you are in the market for a new website, have a good think about your future plans and be very careful before approaching one of these cheap providers. Do you really want to be locked in to their schemes? Or if you are already in this situation, give us a call. I am sure we can help you out as well and give you a far better system!

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