Announcing TC Travels

TC Travels Backpacking Travel Blog from India and Sri

Today we launch TC Travels, a little TC Ink Web side project. A fitting addition to our Web Design portfolio, this website is a Travel Blog with an elegant and simple yet well equipped layout. Articles with large, clear text and little noise allow for an enjoyable reading experience on any device, be it desktop, mobile or tablet. Stories displayed as clean tiles on the Home and Category pages mean browsing is easy. The large cover photos and inset headlines round out the article pages perfectly.

The site is built on WordPress (as all our sites are) and the theme was adapted from the popular Divi theme. TC Ink Web added a heap of trademark styling and functionality to create a unique Travel Blog.

It’s not just for show either. The blog’s content stems from Tom’s 5 month trip to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Europe last year and will be updated with recollected stories and advice on a weekly basis. The blog will also be backed on social media by a new Facebook page and Tom’s existing Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Head over to the blog and check it out, the stories might interest you!

If you’re in need of a blog or similar website, you could employ our Web Design and Development services to create your very own personalised site. Contact us today!

New Website for Collaroy Plateau Cricket Club Released

A week ago we launched a brand new news and media website for local sporting club “Collaroy Plateau Cricket Club”.

The previous club website involved static content. News stories were manually written and archived in the site, leading to a lot of time wasting on this inefficient process as well as a lot of mess throughout the site. The style was also quite outdated.

The new site features a heavily modified version of the premium “Sahifa” WordPress theme. We went through a long process of copying all the old news stories across into the much loved WordPress system.

The result is a modern looking, news style website, with a clear, simple navigation and the familiar, organised and efficient WordPress CMS keeping everything under control. Users can now easily locate new or old news stories or find the information that they are after.

With help from the existing, healthy CPCC Facebook community, the site has already experienced a 10x increase in traffic.

We also implemented Adsense ads in the hope of raising money for the club. This has had a healthy start.

This new website is a great example of our skills in being able to produce a quality news and media website, and also our ability to be able to integrate social media in order to generate genuine traffic and engagement.

Visit the site here:

Introducing MAD Yoga – Our First Full Client Site!

On Wednesday the 6th of April we launched our first full client website. MAD Yoga is a new Sydney based Yoga and Wellbeing service that caters for schools, the workplace and everyday life.

MAD Yoga is a highly customised WordPress site, featuring a clean full-width layout and beautiful sliders on each page that showcase a number of great photos that the owner, Katherine Mair, took for the project. There are also interactive photo boxes/buttons, one page navigation layouts, contact forms and a blog.

We’ve already received some good feedback for the design, including its effectiveness on mobile – be sure to check it out on small screens too!

MAD Yoga is live here:

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Kath and MAD Yoga, as well as launching some more sites in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Creating Colour Schemes for Websites

If you’re like me, you may not have the most naturally artistic eye. This can sometimes make web design quite difficult; you’ve put in heaps of work, the site is structured perfectly but you just can’t seem to find colours that work well together. It’s letting your new site down, it’s the difference between an OK website and a great website.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of resources on the web that make picking colours and/or creating a colour scheme really easy. They’ll save you the hours you would have previously spent choosing and testing different colours all the while giving you a fantastic looking website.

The first webpage I’m going to mention is These colours are great if your website has a flat design or if you’re quickly in need of one simple good looking colour, and don’t need to go to the trouble of making a whole colour scheme. We’re using these colours all through our website, you would have already noticed the “Peter River” blue colour which features on most of our pages. Clicking any of those colour boxes on the Flat UI Colours webpage will automatically copy the colour’s hex value to your clipboard, which means you can pop it straight into your sites design. These colours will look good almost all the time.

A similar resource is This one has quite a few more options and is good if you want to spend a bit more time fiddling around to get the look that your after or if you want to build a colour scheme around a particular colour.

Finally, for those of you who need a complete colour scheme, the perfect resource is This is by far the best colour scheme picker that I’ve come across, in terms of ease of use, results and features. It’s up to you how specifically you want to calibrate your scheme. Switch between a monochromatic, adjacent, triad or tetrad scheme. Then move the dots around to the colours you desire and see the resulting scheme automatically appear on the right hand side. Switch to the presets tab to select some predefined options for your colours to get proven results.

There are plenty of other resources out there but these are the three that I have found most useful thus far. Say goodbye to your colour scheme headaches!