New Website for Collaroy Plateau Cricket Club Released

A week ago we launched a brand new news and media website for local sporting club “Collaroy Plateau Cricket Club”.

The previous club website involved static content. News stories were manually written and archived in the site, leading to a lot of time wasting on this inefficient process as well as a lot of mess throughout the site. The style was also quite outdated.

The new site features a heavily modified version of the premium “Sahifa” WordPress theme. We went through a long process of copying all the old news stories across into the much loved WordPress system.

The result is a modern looking, news style website, with a clear, simple navigation and the familiar, organised and efficient WordPress CMS keeping everything under control. Users can now easily locate new or old news stories or find the information that they are after.

With help from the existing, healthy CPCC Facebook community, the site has already experienced a 10x increase in traffic.

We also implemented Adsense ads in the hope of raising money for the club. This has had a healthy start.

This new website is a great example of our skills in being able to produce a quality news and media website, and also our ability to be able to integrate social media in order to generate genuine traffic and engagement.

Visit the site here: