Mona Vale Motor Trimming Desktop Home Page by TC Ink Web

Mona Vale Motor Trimming is a small Northern Beaches company run by Owen Wall in Brookvale. The Wall’s have a rich history in Motor Trimming, with Owen making it 4 generations in the industry. Up to this point, they have survived and been successful purely thanks to word of mouth and connections.

They approached TC Ink Web to design them a new website and to establish an online presence for them for the first time, henceforth opening themselves up to new avenues and more potential customers.

The resulting website can be seen here:

The site makes use of some large photos from MVMT’s extensive range of motor, marine, motorbike and commercial trimming work. It incorporates their black and gold colour scheme and makes contact details obvious on each page. The gallery page uses a direct feed to the company’s Instagram account, allowing Owen to easily post photos that update both on his social profile and on the website.

It’s another site built on TC Ink Web’s usual WordPress setup and hosted with our web hosting. It includes the use of the Divi theme, which contains a Visual Editor in the latest version, meaning the Mona Vale Motor Trimming can easily make any required changes to their site without getting lost in the weeds of any coding at all.

We’ll continue to work with MVMT on their SEO as they look to improve and move up the rankings to get their expert services in front of more and more potential customers.