Announcing TC Travels

TC Travels Backpacking Travel Blog from India and Sri

Today we launch TC Travels, a little TC Ink Web side project. A fitting addition to our Web Design portfolio, this website is a Travel Blog with an elegant and simple yet well equipped layout. Articles with large, clear text and little noise allow for an enjoyable reading experience on any device, be it desktop, mobile or tablet. Stories displayed as clean tiles on the Home and Category pages mean browsing is easy. The large cover photos and inset headlines round out the article pages perfectly.

The site is built on WordPress (as all our sites are) and the theme was adapted from the popular Divi theme. TC Ink Web added a heap of trademark styling and functionality to create a unique Travel Blog.

It’s not just for show either. The blog’s content stems from Tom’s 5 month trip to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Europe last year and will be updated with recollected stories and advice on a weekly basis. The blog will also be backed on social media by a new Facebook page and Tom’s existing Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Head over to the blog and check it out, the stories might interest you!

If you’re in need of a blog or similar website, you could employ our Web Design and Development services to create your very own personalised site. Contact us today!

Breaking the Shackles of Cheap, Lock-in Website Providers

There are many companies out there who advertise absurdly cheap websites. Many small businesses find these offers difficult to refuse.

For small, informational projects with not much growth ambition, getting these types of companies to set you up with a cheap site is fine. But what we are seeing is a lot of people who originally choose this option and are now “locked in” to those companies’ systems.

ult-golf-mobileFor our client, Ultimate Golf Asia, this was the case. They identified the fact that their website was not responsive and therefore would get hurt by the updates to Googles ranking algorithm. To solve this, they came to us. We quickly discovered that the company that built their website originally allowed no control over the source code of the website – we couldn’t adjust HTML, CSS – nothing. Instead, they told us that the only way to convert to responsive and make the Ultimate Golf Asia site mobile friendly was to get them to do the work – and provided us with a set cost.

Ultimate Golf were locked in and had no control over their own website. That didn’t sit well with them, so we stepped in. The TC Ink Web team were able to rebuild the Ultimate Golf Asia site, almost exactly as it was before, but in a mobile friendly form. We also built it on our favourite CMS, WordPress, giving Ultimate Golf all the control, flexibility and benefits that come with it. They went from being dictated by their web design company, to having complete control over their site – a complete turnaround, and TC Ink Web did all this for around the same cost as they were going to charge just for the responsive upgrade.

So if you are in the market for a new website, have a good think about your future plans and be very careful before approaching one of these cheap providers. Do you really want to be locked in to their schemes? Or if you are already in this situation, give us a call. I am sure we can help you out as well and give you a far better system!

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